What is Remote Energy Healing?

Remote energy healing is when an energy healing session is facilitated from a distance - meaning the person does not have to be physically present during the session.

Essentially, remote healings are done in the same way as in-person sessions. Through the meditative state, in consciousness & energy, we intentionally join to facilitate the healing and clearance of whatever congestions, blocks, disturbances or imbalances that come forth to greet the session.

The information, awareness and healing energy  comes through and is guided by your own source-self-essence, your own consciousness, your own light, your own energy system.  

Your own energy system has wisdom and intelligence and best knows the sequence of what would most liberate you in any given session. I remain with the process until the energy stills and signals completion.

While the actual session may be facilitated at a set or particular time, know that it is not required that you be able to “tune-in” at that particular time in order to receive the healing.

There is no need for you to be doing anything other than what you would normally be doing, the energy reaches you nonetheless.  

Because of varying time-zones some will be sleeping or at work during the session. This does not affect one’s reception of the healing energy. Your own energy system takes in what it needs and integrates it into your consciousness, your energy, your body and your life in a way which is best for you.  All that is required is your intention to receive the healing, and it is done in accord to the wisdom of your own Spirit.

If you feel inspired to, and are in a time zone where you are able to sit and tune-in around the time of the session, this is just fine too. However you are inspired to engage with the work is perfect.

If you have a special personal focus which you would like to invoke assistance with in association with the session, I would suggest that you might just sit (or lie comfortably) for a time, intend connection with your own spirit and hold that prayer-request-intention-focus in your heart, offering it to your own source; then let it go

Know that you are heard, and that your spirit knows  best the sequence of activity which would most liberate you -and always materializes what is in your highest good.

We have become a complicated lot;  me, you, we, us, -humanity-, and we have collected many layers of trauma, disturbance and illusion which awaits our attention. It tends to clear layer by layer in association with the wisdom of your own essence.

Once the work gets underway, I would offer that it is helpful to remember to trust your Self and know that what can be provided through this channel shall be given.  


You may notice energy shifts related to the healing session from any point after you make the appointment.  The session can take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks to integrate fully depending on conditions.  

You may also notice various realizations and synchronicities associated with the work and this is all a part of the energy flow which comes as a result of this engagement.   

But the bottom line is: the healer is YOU - and that is where your power is, within you. I facilitate a support, yes, and, it is our coming together in the divine consciousness that opens the unique window of grace and healing that the session provides. But it is you that has invited and engaged this healing work. It is you that has called this healing forth through your own will and intention. So this part of the equation I like to emphasize so people do not imagine the power is outside of themselves.  

The Infinite, the Eternal, is alive in all.  

That is the Healer, the miracle worker...  


The experience of the session varies from person to person and from time to time for the same person depending upon their unique needs and condition in the moment. Sometimes the experience is very subtle, sometimes more obvious, and this is not a reflection of the efficacy of the energy but more a reflection of the nature and conditions of your energy system and what you are clearing.


You may become aware of transient energy flow and movement felt at varying intervals after signing up for the healing session. You may have moments  where there are feelings of peace or light-heartedness or other uplifting feelings.  

Sometimes there can be vivid dreams or various other sensory impressions which trigger a new awareness or a new understanding which supports your healing process.

Sometimes, when you have reached a deep energy block or when there are a lot of old energies lifted from your energy field, you could possibly experience a few days where you feel a little tired and a need for a bit more rest or sleep as the various energies are being activated, cleared, and integrated.

Occasionally, if there are energies being cleared which were associated with a very emotionally traumatic event, there may be a short period where you feel a little low emotionally, as the energies are being transmuted, or perhaps you may even feel a need to cry; and in this case, it is well to just let the tears come through and to know, that ultimately, this is a liberating experience to have this trauma released.

Sometimes you can have a session where you have no particular noticeable sensations at all and all of these things are “normal”. So I have found it helpful to just allow whatever your experience is, to be valid, and to give yourself all the love and nurturance which your Being and your body are calling for.  

While I have my own sensory experience of the session, I do not interpret the session for you because I know that your own knowing is the better maker and marker of what meaning the session has for you and what is best for you.  

I have found it important to remember how to do this: - how to trust your self. So, after the session has been completed, I ask you to simply notice what you notice, and allow your own sense of things, your own knowing, your own inner inspiration to be your guide.  You know best what works for you. There will be some inner sense if this type of healing work feels supportive to your own spirit and would be helpful to you, and you will know. Trust that.

I hope this information has been helpful to you. If you feel inspired that this feels like a good match for your intention and needs at this moment, and you would like to schedule a remote healing session, you may contact me here




Due to my current schedule, remote sessions are not available at this time

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