“Energy Healing” or “Vibrational Healing” are terms used to describe a wide variety of holistic therapeutic techniques that are used to facilitate healing & well-being.

Energy healing seeks to restore the healthy flow and natural intrinsic intelligence of the human body and energy system. It does this primarily by freeing and clearing trapped, discordant, imbalanced or blocked energy from the human energy field and rejuvenating the body systems.

Working multi-dimensionally, that is, physically, etherically, energetically, emotionally, mentally & spiritually, energy healing moves to return the whole self to its innermost natural, radiant and illuminated state -

clear, aware, balanced, flowing…

This return to our natural state ultimately allows for us to then be able to FEEL our own innately loving, joyful and peaceful true nature which begins to shine through and unfold naturally as a result of clearing away disharmonious elements of consciousness, energy and substance. It also encourages the restoration of the body’s own natural ability to heal itself.  

Amongst the many techniques that may fall into the category of energy healing are reiki, qi gong, pranic healing, sat nam rasayan, craniosacral therapy, magnified healing, therapeutic touch, theta healing, integrated energy therapy, Karuna reiki, acupressure, acupuncture, polarity therapy, papimi, and there are actually many many more.

While there are varying degrees of differences in the philosophy, evolution, and application of these techniques, they share the common goal of healing and bringing the body, mind and spirit to a place of peace, balance and wellness.  

Energy Healing recognizes the inextricable connections between body, mind & spirit.

What has been realized is that everything has consciousness & energy; and that more subtle forms of consciousness and energy exist within every form.  

How this applies to health and wellness is in the understanding that when discomfort, dissonance or disease emerges in the physical or psychological bodies, that there were more subtle changes or tendencies which were before or behind the presentation as pain, disturbance or disease.

Thus, focusing attention on the subtle chemistry and energy patterns can be likened to reaching for the root of the problem.  

Most people have a plethora of conscious and unconscious mental, emotional, energetic, attitude & behavior patterns which were born out of old programming and woundedness from the past.  

These patterns can sometimes distort or dim our experience and joy in life and hold us in limitation, lack, discomfort, discontent and dis-ease.  

When we free ourselves from these unhelpful configurations, we are then able to FEEL- and to more fully embody, the light, the love, the peace, the joy and the freedom which is our natural nature.

Energy healing is practiced around the world through all traditions and in hospitals, hospices, and in private practice.  It is not a substitute for medical attention or medical treatment and does not involve diagnosis or prescription.

Energy work can be used as a complementary treatment in conjunction with conventional medicine, as a way of maintaining wellness and balance, or as a tool for emotional healing, relaxation and stress reduction.

While energy work can be experienced as a deeper awareness, inner connection & reflection of body-mind-spirit, it is not associated with a belief system or a religion — nor dogma or practice. Thus, it offers a wonderfully unique and uplifting support for self-awareness, self-healing and personal transformation that can be experienced, appreciated, and shared by all.

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